The Fireflies Sanctuary: a magic forest in Tlaxcala, Mexico


An unforgettable encounter with nature awaits for you at the Fireflies Sanctuary in Nanacamilpa, in the central Mexico state of Tlaxcala.

Picture a scene dominated by the darkness of the forest. Suddenly, the light that is cast by this magical insects travels the space with playful strokes. Stars, planets, and galaxies, perfectly visible from this place that is far removed from civilization, join the natural spectacle.

If, by now, you are already craving a trip to the Fireflies Sanctuary in Tlaxcala, here are a few things you should know:

When to go

The firefly season happens between the months of July and August.

How to get to Nanacamilpa

If you are coming from Mexico City, you must take the 136D highway headed to Texcoco and continue all the way to the Francisco I.Madero exit, then take a right turn there and 4 miles later you will be in Nanacamilpa.

Environmental concerns

These wonderful creatures are a part of a very fragile ecosystem, so it is paramount that you do not litter when you are down in the woods. Flash photography is also not allowed.

So, why do fireflies shine?

In case you were wondering, the light is produced exclusively by the females, who use it to attract males when their eggs are ready to be fertilized.

Now that you know when to go, how to get there and what to do, all you need to solve is where to stay, We suggest you book with us al City Express Apizaco, located only 30 miles fromNAnacamilpa, we have everything you need to relax after this natural adventure.

The Fireflies Sanctuary: a magic forest in Tlaxcala, Mexico