The heart of Queretaro: the very best of the historic downtown area

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what to do downtown Queretaro

Gorgeous, historic, grandiose. Words fall short when you try to describe Queretaro’s downtown area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been remarkably preserved and is full of interesting spots.

We made this guide to downtown Queretaro for you, it packs everything you need to know about what to see and where to eat while exploring the beating heart of the city.


Cycling through town

No doubt, one of the easiest and most fun ways to discover downtown Queretaro is to ride a bike. The public bicycle system Qrobici has installed several stations across the area –you can also just rent a bike.

Some must sees during your happy strolling are: Templo de San Francisco church, Plaza de Armas square, Neptuno fountain and Teatro de la Republica theater.


The museum tour

There is a long list of fascinating museums in downtown Queretaro, and you would need several visits to the city to visit them all. However, during a quick trip, there’s a few that you simply cannot miss.

At the Museo Regional you will get a express masterclass on the history of the city, the state and the entire region. Others worth visiting are: Museo de Arte (MAQRO), Casa de la Zacatecana Museum and Museo de la Ciudad.

downtown Queretaro

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The cemetery and aqueduct experience

If possible, we suggest that you dedicate a whole day of your trip to visiting the historic aqueduct and the cemetery of illustrious natives. The former is a stunning work of engineering that dates back to the eighteenth century, with 74 stunning arcs that maintain their baroque style. The latter is a collection of impressive mausoleums, dedicated to some of the most notable Queretanos.

what to do downtown Queretaro

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The gastro tour

Save time during your trip to Queretaro to try out some of the delicious local dishes, such as the Queretana soup (made with sweet potato, chicken, eggs and spices), nopal en penca (cacti with filling of meat and vegetables), or the pollo en huerto (chicken cooked with pears, apples and apricots). Some of the best places to have these dishes are Fin de Siglo, La Mariposa, and Cenaduría San Blas.

Also, you definitely have to stop at Mercado La Cruz to grab some of the exquisite antojitos served at the food section.


Nighttime fun

If you want some nighttime fun during your trip, you will find that there is something for everyone in downtown Queretaro. Along 5 de Mayo street, there are several bars and nightclubs, playing all kinds of music through the night.

If you’re looking for a night of dancing non-stop, head over to Barra Habana for some salsa and mojitos. How about a live rock show? If this is your thing, swing by Zeppelin Factory. Something peaceful but just as fun? At Teatrito La Carcajada you’ll find the best stand-up comedy and improv sessions in town.

Enjoy the best of downtown Queretaro and remember to book a room at City Express, our shuttle will take you to all of these places for free with prior reservation. How about that!


The heart of Queretaro: the very best of the historic downtown area