The Magical Eco Parks and Resorts of the Riviera Maya


If you’re planning a holiday to the Riviera Maya in 2020 then don’t forget to visit the Eco Parks which can be found here, where adventure beckons in the jungle and along the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Combine the best of the Riviera Maya into one experience; relax on paradise beaches, snorkel in colorful reefs, explore underground rivers and cenotes and embrace the jungle surrounding where you’ll discover tropical birds and beautiful animals.

Wherever you’re staying in the Riviera Maya, you won’t be far from one of these eco parks, so whether you’re looking for thrills, wildlife, relaxation, family adventure or just something a bit different, you’ll find it here!



The king of Eco Parks, Xcaret is where you can snorkel to your heart’s content, explore enchanting underground rivers and experience Mayan culture in a truly magical environment. With over 200 acres of park and over 50 attractions, it’s almost impossible to visit everything in one day! Situated close to Playa del Carmen, this park is absolutely perfect for families! Find many animals here such as turtles, jaguars and macaws, visit the coral reef aquarium, explore Children’s World with water slides and other attractions and embark on the underground river tour which showcases colorful fish and mystical caves. Don’t forget to watch one of the evening shows, dedicated to honoring Mayan culture in this beautiful setting of vribrant jungle and white, sandy beaches.



Xel-ha Eco Water Park

Xel-ha is an all-inclusive Eco Water Park with many wonderful water activities and ecological attractions. It is said that Xel-ha was a gift from the Mayan Gods – its natural beauty and wonders bringing visitors from all over the world. Do some snorkeling, zip-line over the crystal clear waters, take river tours and make your way across the floating bridge. For a more romantic experience, relax in a hammock between palm trees, enjoy delicious tropical cocktails, divulge in a massage, swim in secret and magical Mayan caves and marvel at the incredible sunsets.



Xplor Jungle Park

If adventure is what you’re looking for then Xplor Jungle Park is for you! Embrace your inner Indiana Jones and fly through the jungle on the highest zip-line in the Riviera Maya, explore jungle paths on amphibious vehicles and paddle through underground rivers on rafts. Swim in the caves surrounded by magical stalactites and stalagmites and step back in time in the cenotes which were created when the meteorite struck Earth millions of years ago, killing the dinosaurs!


Photo: xplor


Xenses Experience

The newest addition to the family of eco parks, Xenses will guide you along paths filled with activities and sites which will make you react with wonder and amazement. Take the Path of Doing to a town where nothing makes sense and explore the Path of Feeling which will excite all your senses! Amongst other activities, cover yourself in mud in the Natural Xpa, fly through the sky on the Bird Flight zip-line and feel refreshed in the Inconsensible Circuit of crystal clear water. Perfect for your Instagram, there are many wonderful spots for unique photos such as floating in pools without getting wet, flying like a bird, visiting upside down buildings and a tunnel of hearts! 


Photo: parquexenses

The Magical Eco Parks and Resorts of the Riviera Maya