The Quaint Magic Town of Tlayacapan in the Beating Heart of Mexico

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In the north of Morelos, one of Mexico’s smallest states, you can find the delightful little town of Tlayacapan. Located just under 2 hours from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City and 2 hours west of gorgeous Puebla, this Pueblo Magico is a real gem nestled in the country’s ‘state of eternal spring’.

There are many suggestions as to the origins of the meaning of the word Tlayacapan; one such meaning is derived from the Nuahatl ‘over the nose of the earth’. Originally inhabited by the Olmec people and later dominated by the Xochimilcas, Tlayacapan was an important cultural and commercial town in the center of Mexican trade routes until the arrival of the Spanish. These indigenous people were among the most resistant during the Spanish conquest during the early 16th century.



Walk the Streets of Tlayacapan

Nowadays, Tlayacapan is a fairy-tale village, surrounded by the giant hills of the Sierra de Tepoztlan and filled with winding streets and typical Spanish colonial architecture. The picturesque town center is lined with small buildings with rooves of red tiles and small cobbled lanes. At the market uncover local artisanal crafts, particularly local pottery, ceramics and carved wooden sculptures.

Taking a stroll through the town will take you to one of the main points of interest: the former convent of Saint John the Baptist which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. This is perhaps the best spot to learn a little about the history of this Magic Town and is located along the convents route of the region. Within the former convent, built over an ancient pyramid, find the Museum of Tlayacapan, which is home to the mummies of 4 young Spanish children, discovered during the monastery’s restoration. Admire the perfectly carved murals and incredible paintings detailing the fascinating life of San Agustín.

Also in the town there is an old candle factory which is now a culture center, ‘La Cereria’, and a museum where you can learn about the history and traditions of Tlayacapan and the surrounding area. You can explore one or two of the 26 chapels which were built over some of the original, pre-Hispanic sites and represent the ‘spiritual conquest’ which began with the arrival of Hernan Cortes.



Central Mexican Gastronomy

And of course, you’re in central Mexico so don’t forget to try some of the specialities of this region’s gastronomy. You’re close to mole territory, a deliciously unique, thick, rich and chocolatey flavoured sauce often served with chicken or turkey meat which originated in the state of Puebla. There’s also pozole, the typical stew of the state made from hominy and packed with so much Mexican flavour.

The people in Tlayacapan have many stories to tell, so take some time to sit and enjoy the view over a cup of pulque, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented agave. Here you will find everything that contributes to true Mexican culture; friendly locals, magnificent views, food of rich and unique flavors and handicrafts to take away with you so that you’ll always have a little piece of magnificent Central Mexico.

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The Quaint Magic Town of Tlayacapan in the Beating Heart of Mexico