Top 5 restaurants in Mazatlan, according to TripAdvisor users

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Mazatlan is known, among many things, for its great food scene. From beach front oldies to contemporary hot spots, there’s plenty of restaurants to explore!

We browsed the TripAdvisor ranking of restaurants in Mazatlan, in search for the very best of them. These are the top 5 restaurants in Mazatlan according to this platform’s users -plus, what to try and what not to miss.

5. Hector’s Bistro

This little downtown joint serves the best french cuisine in Mazatlan. The beautifully arranged dishes matches the tasteful decoration and prime service.

Try: any of the risottos, the duck breast or the fish specials.

Not to miss: the amazing imported wine selection.

4. Topolo

Did someone say “fresh, local seafood”? Topolo is a favorite of residents and tourists, with its varied menu and lovely courtyard ambience.

Try: the pork shank, the BBQ shrimp or the oysters Rockefeller.

Not to miss: the delicious custom salsa, a special recipe by the chef, ask for it!

3. Angelina’s Kitchen

A cozy, downtown located, charming spot that serves some of the best food in the city. It serves breakfasts, salads, pizza, seafood, pasta and several options for vegetarians.

Try: the roasted octopus, the beet carpaccio or the tuna tostadas.

Not to miss: the desserts are amazing!

restaurante Angelinas's Kitchen mazatlan

2. Pancho’s

Unpretentious, straightforward, always fresh. This Mazatlan beach front classic is one of the city’s most popular eating spots. Join a healthy mix of locals and tourists for some of the best Mexican cuisine and seafood in town!

Try: the plato mexicano (Mexican sample), coconut shrimp and the Pancho margarita.

Not to miss: the banana flambé for dessert.

1. El Presidio

With over 400 “excellent” ratings, this classy restaurant claims, as of 2017, the number one spot in TripAdvisor’s ranking. Allocated inside an old hacienda, it serves Mexican food with a contemporary twist.

Try: the tongue taco, the shrimp meatballs, or the chile poblano stuffed with smoked marlin.

Not to miss: the beautiful terrace!

restaurante el presidio mazatlan

Try the top 5 restaurants in your next visit to Mazatlan and experience the flavors and textures of this thriving, seaside destination in the Mexican Pacific. Remember to book a room at City Express Mazatlan, right by the beach and the historic downtown.

Top 5 restaurants in Mazatlan, according to TripAdvisor users