Top 7 natural phenomenons to experience in Mexico

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When you are traveling in Mexico, the magic, mystery, and awe that nature inspires are all over. This land is abundant with breathtaking natural sanctuaries and happenings. Here’s our top 7 natural phenomenons to experience in Mexico, don’t sleep on these!


1. Monarch butterfly sanctuaries

As a part of their migratory cycle, thousands of monarch butterflies gather in the forests of Michoacan and the State of Mexico during the winter. The best time to visit the sanctuaries is from February to March when the bugs wake up from hibernation.


2. Fireflies sanctuary in Tlaxcala

Every year, between July and August, a forest right next to the town of Nanacamilpa in Tlaxcala transforms during the night. As the light of fireflies floods the darkness, you can’t help but feel the magic of nature.


3. Whale watching in South Baja

The journey of the gray whales from the Arctic Circle to the shores of Los Cabos is one of the most epic to be found in nature. Watching these humongous mammals as they play is bound to be one of the most memorable moments in your life. 


4. Turtle spawning in Playa Escobilla

From July to December, entire armies of sea turtles arrive at this beach in South Oaxaca to lay their eggs. A few weeks later, the baby turtles return to their home, the ocean. Both events are a guaranteed visual spectacle.


5. Bioluminescence in Holbox

From July to January, the beaches at this island in Quintana Roo are rich in a certain kind of microorganisms that glow with a greenish, phosphorescent light during moonless nights. Swimming in them while it happens is an experience worthy of a science fiction film.


6. La Bufadora in Ensenada

In this place, air that is trapped in caves produces an eruption of water and an explosive sound that will leave you utterly stunned. No doubt, one of the most strange and spectacular natural phenomenons in Mexico.


7. Booby bird in Islas Marietas

The blue-footed booby bird is one of the strangest animals in the world. You can watch it –and many other exotic species– up close at these scattered islands in the state of Jalisco.

Each and every one of these natural miracles is as inspiring and entertaining as the best concert or play you’ve ever been to. Whenever you are traveling through Mexico, set apart a portion of your trip to experience at least one of them!


Top 7 natural phenomenons to experience in Mexico