Traveling to Mexico on business? 6 Tips to Move Around Like a Pro

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Traveling to Mexico on business

Business travelers in Mexico can choose between an extensive network of public and private transport systems to travel between destinations affordably and efficiently. Here are the top six tips to move around Mexico like a pro.


  1. Authorized taxis. Look for the words Taxi Autorizado, which equivalent to an Uber or Lyft notification in the United States, to ensure you are hiring an official cab.
  2. Metro. Public transportation on Mexico’s subways is very inexpensive. The Metro will take you almost anywhere and tickets are very affordable.
  3. Car rental. If you’re on a tight business schedule, renting a car makes the most sense. It is important to understand that Mexican car rental rates do not include mandatory insurance, such as supplemental insurance liability, loss damage waiver, and personal accident insurance.
  4. National and local buses. Mexico’s very professionally-run bus services make local bus travel a great alternative for getting from place to place.
  5. By foot. If you have the time, walking is an excellent way to discover Mexico and experience the genuine atmosphere of this amazing country.
  6. Air travel. When you compare traveling by bus versus plane, the equation is not a simple one. Prices for internal airfares are the product of a route's popularity rather than distance, so it may be cheaper to fly depending on the route.

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Distances in Mexico can be huge. For instance, Mexico City to Tijuana by bus takes almost two days nonstop. Although public transportation is commonly available and reasonably affordable, many business travelers consider the benefits of taking an internal flight at least once because of the time it saves.


Where to Eat and What to Avoid

When you first arrive in Mexico, it is a good idea to avoid tap water and ice until your digestive system acclimates to the variations. Also, while it may be tempting, it's often not advisable to purchase food from street vendors. Likewise, follow the crowds when choosing a restaurant.

Busy cantinas typically serve clean, safe, and fresh food. If you’re in Mexico City for the weekend, the buffet is superb at El Gran Leon de Oro. For the best local food in Cancun, make sure to stop by La Pasteleteria for an opportunity to taste the local cuisine in vibrant, local atmosphere. In Playa del Carmen, don’t miss the blackened chicken tacos at Dona Aurelia sabores Mexicanos.

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Surprisingly Great Cities in Mexico with Excellent Lodging

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Traveling to Mexico on business? 6 Tips to Move Around Like a Pro