Venture inside Cañon del Paraiso in Queretaro

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Venture inside Cañon Paraiso Queretaro

Cañon del Paraiso (Paradise Canyon) is a majestic natural wonder in the state of Queretaro, at the very heart of Mexico. Far off the radar of tourists and travel magazines, it is an unhindered and stunning spot to admire the beauty of the Sierra Gorda region.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get to and what to do in Cañon del Paraiso. Venture inside this gigantic rock and enjoy a naturally awesome experience.


A silent giant

The walls of the canyon reach a height of 330 feet at their tallest point. The silent giant was formed over millions of years –how many exactly, is still an unsolved question– by the patient carving of the Extoraz River. The walls themselves are made of solid black marble, which creates and otherworldly landscape.

Standing before it is a rather mystical experience, as the whispering sounds of the water, the birds and the wind inevitably humble you. Even if you’re not into intense activities, visiting the canyon for the sole purpose of contemplating it is surely worth it.

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Photo: Caminanteqro


Explore the land

However, there is much to be done at this place. You can row down the river on a kayak, walk the stunning trails, ride a bike, hike the walls of the canyon or rappel your way to the ground. If you are into camping, this spot is just right for it, and if you love to take pictures, you will have the time of your life.


Traces of the past

The Chichimeca were a group of semi-nomadic tribes that roamed around central and northern Mexico during the pre-Hispanic era. Known for being fierce fighters and survivor, these tribes are responsible for the many cave paintings and petroglyphs that can be found in Cañon del Paraiso.


How to get to Cañon del Paraiso

This natural wonder is only a couple of miles from the town of Peñamiller, in the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro. To get there from the San Juan del Río-Xilitla highway (120), you must take the exit to Peñamiller. From the town, you can hire transportation and a tour guide that will take you to the canyon.

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Photo: Vandefoto


From Santiago de Queretaro, the state capital, you can take a bus that will take you all the way to Peñamiller. And if you’re staying in this city, remember to check in with us at City Express Jurica, right at the northern exit from the city. Perfect for before and after a day of traveling around!

Venture inside Cañon del Paraiso in Queretaro