A weekend in Veracruz: the history, the food & the party

weekend in Veracruz

One weekend in Veracruz, if done right, can be all you need to get a real taste of this southern, tropical city and the magic that it is known for.

We made the following ideal itinerary for your next trip to this region. It includes a little bit of everything that Veracruz has to offer!


The city’s main square is the perfect starting point. It is one of the most walkable areas in town and you get to hang around some iconic landmarks, such as the arc-shaped porticos, the Plaza de la República and the Francisco J. Clavigero theater.

Don’t miss the sunset from the malecón, where the families, couples and lonely passers by gather to witness it every day.

You’re so close to Café La Parroquia that you simply have to stop by for a bomba -fresh baked concha stuffed with fried beans- and a lechero -steamy coffee with milk, featuring a brief performance by your waiter.

Do you have a place to stay? Check out City Express Veracruz, it’s located at a key spot and offers services like free WiFi signal and breakfast.


Rise and shine! If the weather allows for it -and it most probably does-, you can spend this morning enjoying the beautiful beaches of Boca del Río. Playa Mocambo is a nice first stop, ideal as an introduction to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Go further south and you’ll find Río Jamapa, where you can take a boat ride through the many canals and the magnificent, riverside residences of El Estero, El Dorado, and La Condesa neighborhood.

Since you’re in the area, we recommend you drop by Romina, a gourmet market that ranks as one of the top places to eat in Veracruz.

By this point, you should get some rest before a night out partying in Veracruz. You can kick off at La Casona, an iconic bar in the city located inside an abandoned warehouse. This place is perfect for mingling with the locals and taking in the city’s nightlife vibes.

Whenever you’re ready to turn it up a notch, check out Il Davide, an after hours lounge bar with electronic music playing all night long and Rush, a terrace with an amazing ocean view.


The day after a party in Veracruz is more enjoyable if you have the right food to wake up to. The best place for a late breakfast is Mercado Hidalgo, right at the very heart of Veracruz. Let the tacos, seafood and local snacks get your mind and body on the right track for some final exploring.

You might want to take a look around the crafts section of the market for an authentic souvenir of your trip to Veracruz.

You have the rest of the day to chill at one of the state capital’s many cultural spots, such as the San Juan de Ulúa Stronghold, which is perhaps the city’s most renowned tourist attraction.


In the museum inside, you’ll travel back in time to the turbulent era of the pirates and learn about their attacks on the stronghold, which has also served as a commercial establishment, military headquarters and a prison.

Time’s up! Before saying goodbye to Veracruz, swing by the malecón for a last snapshot of the city’s mesmerizing sunset. It will be a pleasant reminder of your good time here and an ever present promise of your next adventure.

A weekend in Veracruz: the history, the food & the party