Where to Shop in the City of Puebla: From Local Handicrafts to International Brands

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Puebla is Mexico’s 4th largest city and is one of the oldest on the continent. She’s a city bubbling with culture, history and gastronomy, a mixing pot of natural beauty and modern ideas. There’s something for everyone here and you’ll need weeks to explore all of its nooks and crannies, sample all the flavors and sample the amazing art and architecture. You’ll also want a little piece of Puebla to take back with you!

From exquisite talavera ceramics to sugary candies, from handmade embroidery to world famous designers, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it somewhere here! Let us point you in the right direction!



Handicrafts of Puebla

First stop is to the Barrio de las Artistas, the artists’ district, where you’ll find an avenue made up of photo worthy facades and gorgeous architecture. Many of these old buildings are now antique shops where you can gain an insight in Puebla’s history thought intriguing artefacts. Nearby is the Callejon de los Sapos Puebla, an alley lined with more antique shops and stalls, perfect for finding something unique!

Next, onto EL Parian, Puebla’s only traditional handcraft market. See the talavera style pottery wherever you look, from the walls of the buildings to the intricate ceramics adorning the many stalls. Along these cobbled stone streets of El Parian you’ll also find pottery, textiles, jewellery and embroidery from all over Mexico. For more talavera pottery, visit the Uriarte Talavera workshop where you can marvel at the colorful displays of pottery made by hand. You will find no one piece of pottery the same here!



On Sundays, visit the open-air market in the Barrio de Analco, another popular place to find souvenirs and pieces of Mexico to take back home. Families have been operating their stalls here for many generations so sit with them and enjoy the live music, the site of visitors from all over the world and the smells of freshly served mole poblano.

For something a bit different, swing by the Calle de los Dulces, Candy Street! Sample some authentic Mexican candies; dried and caramelized fruits, nuts from all regions of Mexico, sweet potatoes dipped in cinnamon, you’ll find it all here!



Shopping Centers

As one of the biggest cities in Mexico, Puebla has a number of excellent shopping centers, filled with hundreds of shops, restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment venues. Experience modern Puebla and embrace your inner shopaholic at El Triangulo las Animas, Luxury Hall or Angelopolis where there are over 150 stores all in one incredible plaza. Famous names including El Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Sears, Sanborns, C&A, Zara, the list goes on. They even have many luxury brands in the way of jewellery, accessories and home design.



Another option is the Paseo San Francisco which is a series of restored old buildings in the historic center of the city. A perfect example of old-meets-new, there are displays of contemporary architecture mixed with the original character of the buildings. Admire views of the city and stroll through the gardens during your shopping trip. There are many shops and cafes here which bring a unique charm to a unique part of the city.

Where to Shop in the City of Puebla: From Local Handicrafts to International Brands