The Fishing of the Blind Sardines in Tapijulapa, a heathen ceremony in disguise

The Fishing of the Blind Sardines in Tapijulapa, Tabasco, is an ancient pre-Hispanic ceremony that has survived all cultural colonization. Witness how a Catholic celebration turns into a pagan ritual as you experience this magical tradition in southern Mexico.

Piedras Encimadas Valley in Puebla: the Mexican Stonehenge

Near the town of Zacatlan, in the central Mexico state of Puebla, there’s a place surrounded by mystery. At the Piedras Encimadas Valley, dozens of gigantic and rather strange stone formations spread across a gorgeous, misty forest.

Lankester Botanical Garden: an orchid paradise in Costa Rica

The Lankester Botanical Garden, in Costa Rica, is an essential stop during a trip to the Central American nation. Here’s more on the history and characteristics of this magical place that you don’t want to miss.

Mercado del Rio in Medellin, the foodie capital of Colombia

In Mercado del Rio, in Colombia is a place that brings together many different flavors, styles, colors, and people, all under the same flag: great food.

Discover El Cuyo, a lovely, up-and-coming beach town in Yucatan

If you want to get off the beaten path during your trip around the peninsula, this is exactly the place you’re looking for. Here’s a quick guide to El Cuyo, with information on how to get there, what to expect, and more!

From the Desert of San Luis to the helmets of Daft Punk: Huichol art in popular culture

Lately, Huichol art is everywhere. Rooted in millenary traditions, the colorful representations created by the members of this culture have been steadily penetrating the realm of popular culture.

Venture inside Cañon del Paraiso in Queretaro

Cañon del Paraiso (Paradise Canyon) is a majestic natural wonder in the state of Queretaro, at the very heart of Mexico. Far off the radar of tourists and travel magazines, it is an unhindered and stunning spot to admire the beauty of the Sierra Gorda region.

Santa Catarina Juquila in Oaxaca, a place to experience pure devotion

In the southern tip of Mexico, a sleepy town with devoted people and beautiful natural surroundings awaits for you. Experience Santa Catarina Juquila in Oaxaca, an off-the-radar destination that will stun and fascinate you.