Bernal, Queretaro: the perfect little town for a peaceful weekend trip

Framed by the mighty Peña de Bernal, a giant rock that dominates the landscape, the charming town of Bernal, Queretaro, is a quiet hideaway in central Mexico that is perfect for a peaceful, weekend trip.

Top 5 destinations in Mexico to travel with children

We made a list of the top 5 destinations in Mexico to travel with children, they are all great choices for a family trip! Discover them with City Express hotels.

Travel to Oaxaca's past in San Pablo Villa de Mitla

The golden era of the Mixtec and the Zapotecs resonates like an echo in San Pablo Mitla, a magical town in Oaxaca that will take you back to the past through its buildings and vibrant energy.

5 beaches in northwest Mexico that will make you forget about the Riviera Maya

Come with us along this tour through 5 beaches in northwest Mexico that will make you wonder how you never heard about this region.

Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila: desert with a surreal twist

We bring you the best of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, a place for those seeking a rustic and natural experience. Colorful streets, natural surroundings, great wine, and historical legacy.

Hot air balloon flying in Mexico: the best spots

There are several places in Mexico where you can do some hot air balloon flying, but a few stand out over the rest. Check out our picks for the best spots to try this exciting activity on your next vacation south of the border.

The Mayan Route cenotes: an underground journey

In the depths of the Yucatan Peninsula lie magnificent, freshwater cenotes (sinkholes). This flooded caves were formed over the course of millions of years and are a main attraction in City Express’ Mayan Route.

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca: petrified waterfalls sculpted by nature

Hierve el Agua is a special place, no doubt. The so-called “petrified waterfalls” overlooking the Tecolutla Valley in Oaxaca are really a set of natural rock formations that create a stunning landscape.

Secret destinations of the Riviera Maya

Here are some secret destinations of the Riviera Maya that you can visit in 2018, they are all spectacular! City Express Playa del Carmen has the perfect location for an adventure in the Riviera.