Beyond Spring Break: 5 beach destinations in Mexico for different kinds of travelers

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Mexico is a popular destination for Spring Breakers coming in from the U.S. every year, but the country has many alternative beach destinations far away from the noise and the hype of the young party-goers.

Here are 5 beach destinations in Mexico for different kinds of travelers who are not traveling for Spring Break. Which one is for you?

1. San Pancho for The Surfer

This quiet paradise on the Pacific coastline draws surfer from all around the world, thanks to its tall waves and laid-back vibe. In contrast to Sayulita, the town next door, San Pancho isn’t too big on nightlife, but rather the peaceful counterpart in which nature is the main attraction. If you fly to the state capital before your adventure, look us up at City Express Tepic!

2. Holbox for The Honeymooners

Right at the point where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet, this charming island is known for its massive walkable sandbanks, pristine nature, gorgeous sunsets and top-notch food scene. In short, it’s perfect for a couple’s getaway!

3. Las Coloradas for The Instagrammer

Travelers with sizeable Instagram following –or simply a passion for the platform– are always looking for great angles and colorful settings. Located in northern Yucatan, the lake at Las Coloradas is a stunning sight that will make any photo look amazing. The pink and hue tones, caused by banks of salt, create a beautiful contrast with the blue skies in the horizon.


4. Playa Balandra for The Backpacker

Balandra, in South Baja, is a place for those that enjoy traveling on their own, who value silence and natural beauty over loudness and partying. In other words, a place for the typical backpacker who is enjoying a solo trip.

5. Sian Ka’an for The Eco Tourist

If you can’t stand all-inclusive resorts and daylight beach clubs, if you want a taste of real, unhindered, Caribbean landscapes, this Biosphere Reserve is your dream destination. Navigate through narrow canals crossing mangrove swamps and bask in the dreamlike beaches of soft, white sand and blinding blue water.


Enjoy these alternative beach destinations in Mexico and discover what’s out there beyond Spring Break and nightclubs.


Beyond Spring Break: 5 beach destinations in Mexico for different kinds of travelers