Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, a natural haven in the middle of Bogota

Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden in Bogota is the largest in Colombia and a must during a trip to this capital city. Look us up in City Express Plus Bogota Aeropuerto!

Enjoy the best view of Bogota from Monserrate Sanctuary

It’s no secret that the best view of Bogota is the one you get from Monserrate Sanctuary, at the top of the eponymous mountain. Climbing it is a whole adventure on its own, some would say it is the essential experience to have in the capital of Colombia.

A sanctuary near the sky

Quick guide to Llanos del Challe, a natural paradise in northern Chile

Here’s our quick guide to Llanos del Challe and what you can find in one of Chile’s most notorious natural wonders and one that adventure lovers cannot skip.

Desierto Florido in Chile: a rare and extraordinary miracle of nature

On years when rainfall is unusually high, a wide variety of flowers bloom and turn the Atacama Desert in Chile into a Desierto Florido (Desert Bloom).

One day at Wirikuta, the center of the universe for the Huichol

Every year, the Huichol embark on an ancient migration journey from their homes in Western Mexico all the way to Wirikuta, a UNESCO Natural Sacred Site.

Nature and architecture come together at the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca

At the same location of Oaxaca’s legendary Santo Domingo Church, the Ethnobotanical Garden is a unique space with natural and architectural beauty.

A surreal garden, a surreal desert: the magic towns of San Luis Potosi

Awaken your senses at Xilitla and Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi, two places where reality easily transforms into an intriguing and pleasant dream.