Walking through the boardwalk is the perfect way to spend an afternoon at the lovely city of Coatzacoalcos, in the state of Veracruz in southern Mexico. A beautiful ocean view and hanging out with the locals are the highlights of this classic Mexican experience.

In a way, Coatzacoalcos is the entrance to the tropical kingdom of southeastern Mexico, and you can feel that distinctive, warm vibe when you’re standing before the immensity of the Gulf of Mexico at the beginning of the city’s boardwalk

Starting at the Olmec Head Monument in Primero de Mayo avenue, the boardwalk is over 7 miles long and is full of natural meeting spots where the residents of this quiet town hang out and walk with ease.

The next monument down the road is the one with a mermaid and a dolphin, two symbols of the sea, which is inseparable from Coatzacoalcos itself. Another mermaid awaits for you at the next stop on the boardwalk.



After that, it’s a long walk all the way to the Plaza del Espíritu Santo, where a giant white dove, symbolizing the Holy Ghost, salutes you. Just a few feet away is another plaza, dedicated to the Central American Games, celebrated in Veracruz in 2014.

A couple of miles ahead, you’ll find a fascinating archaeology museum, in which the Olmec civilization seems to come back to life through original objects and utensils.



Next are the twin Plaza de la Paz and Plaza de la Bandera. At the latter, there is a huge Mexican flag embellishing the view. These are the last two stops before the Miguel Hidalgo Monument at the very end of the boardwalk.

Next to the monument is a park and a cultural center, where you can always catch some play, art exhibition or live music event. The perfect way to end the journey!

On top of just walking or riding a bike through the boardwalk, you can always stop to shop or eat at the many stores and restaurant on the other side of the street. We also suggest you pick one of the many lookout spots to take a break and enjoy the sunset among the locals.

Blend in with the residents and experience the magic of an afternoon at the Coatzacoalcos boardwalk. Whenever you’re in town, remember to book a room at City Express, free Wi-Fi and  breakfast are included!