Monterrey is so much more than just the industrial capital of Mexico. It is also a modern metropolis with tourist and cultural attractions that match those of the world’s greatest cities.

Get to know this fascinating destination a little more and choose to detour from the typical Mexican vacations spots in favor of a different kind of adventure. Here’s a guide to your first trip to Monterrey.

Monterrey 101

Monterrey is the largest, most populous and relevant city in northern Mexico. The progressive and work-centered culture that is the norm in the region has shaped the urban landscape of the so-called Sultana del Norte, full of tall and flashy skyscrapers and connected through an extensive network of freeways.

Influenced by its proximity with the United States, Monterrey is also a hotbed for art and music and has been at the center of several cultural movements and shifts, serving as a link between both countries.

Here are some of the places not to miss during a trip to Monterrey, take note!


The MARCO, a.k.a. Monterrey’s contemporary art museum, is always hosting international exhibitions and has a clear focus on popular culture and cutting edge technology. The Museum of Mexican Architecture, the Museum of the Northeast and the Museum of the Palace complete the list of musts.

Parque Fundidora

These old steel factories were turned into a spectacular park that draws families together every day. The remains of the ovens are now used for all kinds of cultural activities and the green areas are perfect for spending a pleasant afternoon.


Paseo Santa Lucía

Hop on a small boat and ride through this artificial river with a view. On the way, there are fountains, monuments and coffee shops where you can stop by and chill.


Lookout at the Obispado

This is arguably the best view of the city. A great spot to snap a picture of the Cerro de la Silla mountain and the whole town in the background.


There are several natural wonders in the area surrounding Monterrey. Grutas de García is an underground cave system that will amaze you with its scale and crazy rock formations. The other site not to miss is Cola de Caballo, a stunning waterfall surrounded by peaceful trails and vegetation.

You won’t be able to fully explore Monterrey during your first trip, but you can get started with these amazing spots that will serve as an introduction. By the way, you want to stay at a centric spot that will allow you to move through the city’s many districts. City Express Plus Monterrey San Jerónimo is just the right spot!