Chile: 8 experiences not to be missed

What to do in Chile? That’s a question that can take a long time to answer. This Andean country covers half the South American continent and is filled of beauty and diversity. If you are planning a trip to Chile and you are looking for a short guide of the best, check this list of the 8 unforgettable experiences to immerse yourself in this land:

1. Admiring Santiago from San Cristóbal Hill. There is a Cableway that can take you for the equivalent of $ 3.6 dollars. There are those who say that, if you are in a shape, the real experience is to climb it on foot. Either way, the view is famous as one of the best things to do in Santiago.

2. A sunset in the Valley of the Moon. For a moment, if you let yourself go, you will have a strange feeling, like being on a distant planet. You have to plan a special trip since it is located in San Pedro de Atacama, near the northern border of Chile.

Chile: 8 experiences not to be missed


3. Meet the penguins of Isla Magdalena. From September to March, the Magellanic penguins arrive on this island in the extreme south of Chile and you can be there to meet them. You will always remember the day you spent among these nice animals.

Chile: 8 experiences not to be missed


4. Losing yourself in the streets of Valparaiso. This city was built on a series of hills facing the Pacific Ocean, so the more you climb, the better the view. Full of alleys and nooks, it is the ideal place to lose yourself for a while.

5. Eat a good Sea Paila. An exquisite hot dish of seafood with clams, choritos, navajuelas, machas, picorocos and piures. If you have never heard of these seafood before is because they are local. Palia is prepared with white wine, fish broth and spices.

Chile: 8 experiences not to be missed


6. An excursion to Torres del Paine. Lakes, huge glaciers and mountains await for you in this national park located on the southern border with Argentina.

7. An amazing moment on Easter Island. This place is not near mainland Chile, but well worth the visit. Recent studies have shown that several of the mysterious colossal heads have entire bodies buried beneath the earth.

Chile: 8 experiences not to be missed


8. A day of relaxation in the El Yeso dock. At 50 kilometer from the capital, is one of the best things to do in Chile if you're only going to be in Santiago. The best time to go is during summer, it is less cold and the lake looks spectacular.

Adventure awaits for you in Chile! Plan your trip so you get to see as much as you can and remember that City Express is your new lodging option in Santiago.