The best restaurants in Mexico City: a crash course

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Best restaurants in Mexico City

There are so many restaurants in Mexico City that it’s hard to pick a list of the best. Surely, it depends on the kind of experience that you’re after.

This is why we made a quick crash course on the best restaurants in Mexico City by type of experience. Admittedly, we only mention a couple in each category, but it should be enough to paint a broad picture of the gastronomic scene in the city. Bon appétit!

The business dinner experience

Looking for a place to close a big deal during a business trip to Mexico City? Allow us to recommend Anatol en Las Alcobas, an intimate but sober little place that exudes class and good taste. In the same upscale Polanco area, Cipriani is an elegant alternative, ideal for impressing an important client. Very close to both is City Express Suites Anzures.

If you want something a bit more stripped-down, try Suntory Interlomas, a Japanese food restaurant with a stunning view of a beautiful garden.

The fine dining experience

The capital has become a hotbed for fine dining joints and internationally renown chefs. Perhaps the most famous case is Enrique Olvera and his legendary Pujol restaurant, consistently ranked as one of the best in the planet. Olvera’s contemporary and minimal take on Mexican flavors is sure to blow your mind.

Best restaurants in Mexico City

Named by TIME magazine as a “prophet and preserver of culinary tradition”, chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita is making waves with his work at Azul y Oro, where he pays a very personal tribute to Mexican food and its ingredients. City Express Plus Patio Universidad is a nearby alternative for accommodation.

These are just two out of dozens of places where you can have a great fine dining experience in Mexico City. Look them up!

The casual foodie experience

Not all of the city’s great food requires a shirt and a tie to be had. Consider Azul Histórico, which spins Mexican abuelas’ recipes to give them a fun refresh. You can walk in with a T-shirt and sneakers!

Best restaurants in Mexico City

Other delicious restaurants with relaxed dressing codes are Belmondo and Catamundi, both have a deli concept but they’re specifically aimed at curious foodies, throwing some exotic combinations into the mix.

The nostalgic experience

There are a few very old restaurants in Mexico City, some of them have survived more than a century of financial crisis, earthquakes and even war. This is what makes these places so magical and special -you can almost picture the nineteenth century patrons, taking off their hats and coats as they come in.

The Hostería Santo Domingo holds the title of “Mexico City’s oldest operating restaurant”, having opened in 1860. It serves traditional Mexican food -it is actually known to be the place where famous composer Agustín Lara ate his chiles en nogada.

La Ópera Bar and Café de Tacuba, open since 1895 and 1912 respectively, are both located inside beautiful old buildings in Mexico City’s downtown. The nostalgic trip takes on a whole different level in these restaurants, with the combination of traditional recipes and antique decoration. If you’re staying near the historic downtown, try staying at City Centro CDMX, a new concept in hospitality that seeks to preserve old buildings in this area.

That’s it! If you want to know what the best restaurants in Mexico City are, you can start your quest with the ones we mention in this crash course.

The best restaurants in Mexico City: a crash course